In case you didn’t know…

WE’RE GETTING MARRIED! Soon, actually. Being wedding photographers, we go into a 6-month spring-summer-fall hibernation where our lives are not our own, and our couples’ love stories take center-stage. April is an often overlooked wedding month and I guess in Indiana, its rightfully so. Some years April is a bright, warm, sunny month that lifts your spirits out of the long midwestern winters. Other times, its a cold, wet, dreary time of year.
Year after year, I reassure brides that rain on their wedding day is considered good luck…I must believe in it, because April 27th it is! We finally sat down and put together our wedding website with the immense help of Sitting in a Tree templates. Seriously. The easiest website I’ve ever put together. I highly recommend them πŸ™‚
While we’ve chosen to have an intimate day with family and friends who are considered family, we have no problems sharing our trials and toils the next three months for those who are going through the same thing!
We have been blessed with some of the best vendors in the Fort Wayne area, and we plan to shamelessly plug their businesses as much as possible πŸ™‚ Stay tuned for more wedding planning goodness, and check out our wedding website at!
Mitch & Destany


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