Mitch’s Senior Exhibition, and his big award.

Hey all this is Mitch, I just finished up my senior show last night and a bunch of cool cats came and hung out and supported the IPFW graduating class of 2012. Congrats to all.

The following is a body of work that consists of a years worth shoots styling, picking models and locations and getting a lot of really amazing people to help me on the way.

Destany, was the most amazing help to me during this past year, from helping me style shoots and do hair/makeup for models, to putting up with my bad moods and keeping me going at a steady pace. Big big BIG thanks to the models who made this project come alive. Last but not least Ryan Lawrence  and Doni Funkhouser, (AKA Dr. Funlaw) I abso-freaking-lutely could not have done this without the costumes that you guys loaned to me. Check them out at www.modcloset.comVive le Closet du Mod!

So, without further ado, this project is my interpretation of fashion photography of the 20th century; a series of each decade.

From Destany: I was sneaky and something to say before he posted haha. I want to congratulate Mitch for also winning First Place in Photography from his senior class! He poured his heart and soul into these shoots, and it totally showed. I love all of our family and friends who showed up in support. I can’t reiterate enough how thankful we are for Mod Closet in Elkhart for donating so much time and support. I’m proud of you Mitch!!


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