A word of thanks.

Colagrossi Studio would be lost without those who helped with the bridal show last Sunday. Seriously. Like I would still be there tearing down and losing my mind. Here is a word of thanks to our good friends:

Mitch’s lovely sister Sarah. She drove our moving van down from Elkhart (2 hours away) and spent her entire weekend working like a slave to help us out. Not one complaint. We love her :).
Colagrossi Studio Senior Photographers

Our dear friend Ashley. This woman has no obligation to us whatsoever, yet she hauled a good chunk of our booth down from our third-story apartment (no elevator). She talked me down from the brink of insanity a good dozen times and for that she deserves a medal.

photo stolen from facebook 🙂

My mom and Keith. These two actually left church that sunday to go print us out some much needed signs, and were great moral support the whole way. Keith allowed us to use his Ipad for a digital slideshow, which really helped to expand what we could display.

Our booth-neighbors. Catalyst Fitness, The Nutcracker Sweetshop, Nelson’s Catering, and Thomas Bunner DDS and Staff. These people made our experience out of this world with kind words, helpful tips, and some great snacks. These vendors are why we love the wedding business.

Our friends Carrie and Mark for bringing us candied bacon and dill lemonade when we needed it most. They made us feel like we had the greatest support in the world.

There are many others, but these people went out of their way for us. Mitch and I want to say THANK YOU! We couldn’t have made it through without you.


2012 Fort Wayne Bridal Extravaganza + Success!

This year’s 2012 Bridal Extravaganza in Fort Wayne was the first bridal show for Colagrossi Studio. After meeting so many brides, bridesmaids, moms, and a groom or two we feel so blessed to be able to call this our career. We want to thank everyone who talked with us and complimented us, both brides and vendors!

Without further ado, our booth!

Colagrossi Studio Wedding Photographers

Fort Wayne Bridal Extravaganza

2012 Bridal Extravaganza Fort Wayne

Photo by our friend Mark 🙂