Good Times With Kristin & Kim, Down Town in the Cold

We recently had the chance to do some engagement photos with an awesome couple, Kristin and Kim. Kristin is the owner of the incredible K Monique’s Dance Studio As usual we had an absolute blast during the shoot which was full of pizza and snowball fights! Special thanks to Valerie, Kristin’s Maid of Honor for hanging out and being a huge help.

Valerie, keeping warm in the parking garage.

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Wedding Album Alternatives Make Us Happy

Pardon my tangent:

Being a twenty-something in the digital generation, I find myself guilty of not printing and hanging my images as much as I should. Alas, some of our Ikea frames hang empty at Casa del Colagrossi, but our computers and hard drives are jam-packed with lovely, goofy, sweet images of friends, family, and ourselves. Where no one can see them. Although it is embarrassing to say, we rarely get the time or opportunity to do anything with our personal photos because, well, we are young and busy.

This year’s Fort Wayne Bridal Extravaganza will be the Studio’s first bridal show, and the amount of preparation has been intense. Mitch and I recently decided to experiment with our printing companys’ new products to see what would fit our studio and our brides. Those of you who follow us on twitter and facbook may already know that we got our first “album alternative” sample in the mail about 20 minutes ago. Not kidding, I couldn’t wait to share with the world how happy I was with the turnout. The depth of color and detail in a printed image far surpasses that of any computer screen, and there is something magical about being able to touch and hold your memories. I must say that I am now a believer in printing images.

So if you’re thinking “Thats all great, but albums cost a fortune” we have a solution. Colagrossi Studio is now offering Panoramic Storybooks. They are what you love about a traditional album, but at half the cost. Storybooks are completely custom designed, cover included, and are printed on Kodak lustre paper. The spreads lay flat, allowing a panoramic design of images without the best man’s face getting lost in the binding. These features are not included with diy press-printed photobooks from Blurb or Snapfish. Now that our pricing for 2012 is all finished and available, we are offering these beauties to all past, present, and future brides in 8×8 or 10×10. Have a look for yourself!

Wedding Album Alternative, Colagrossi Studio, Fort Wayne Bridal Extravaganza

Wedding Album Alternative, Colagrossi Studio, Fort Wayne Bridal Extravaganza

Wedding Album Alternative, Colagrossi Studio, Fort Wayne Bridal Extravaganza

Happy Birthday Eloise!

A year ago, Mitch and I decided to adopt a furry grey ball of kitty fluff. Little did we know that her yellow eyes and neutral fur would inspire a logo’s color scheme, and her antics would inspire much entertainment. Eloise has kept me company while Mitch was away on days long shoots, and has been Mitch’s desk buddy through numerous wedding and engagement edits. We love our cat, and we love the shelter we adopted her from, Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control.

Mitch and I are proud parents of an adopted pet, and want to encourage others to adopt or volunteer at your local shelter. In an effort to do such, we pledge to donate 5% of every shoot booked (wedding, portrait, or senior) between today and February 25th. Lets just call it Eloise’s birthday present!

Adopted Cat Eloise