Kristina & Adam + Cold hands, warm heart.

It is rare that Mitch and I are invited to a wedding where everything goes as planned.  Kristen and Adams beautiful winter wedding went lovingly and perfectly without a hitch. Kristina and a number of others (myself included) prayed for snow on the wedding day to make her photography extra special. Needless to say, she got her Christmas wish!

Congratulations to Kristina and Adam! We had a blast!

Portage. Michigan Wedding

Colagrossi Studio, Wedding Photographers

 Colagrossi Studio, Wedding Photographers

All images are copyright Colagrossi Studio 2011. If you steal, you get a lump of coal for Christmas.


Hanging Out with Friends in a Parking Lot Doing a Photo Shoot.

Yep thats basically what we did today. Our dear friend and fellow photog, Ryan needed our mugs for a project he’s working on. Ryan’s girlfriend Casey took the elements like a champ, and Bartholomew Fish drove into the parking lot officially making the photoshoot a party.  It was freezing out, as it is winter here in the great state of Indiana! Luckily no matter how cold our noses and fingers were, there’s nothing more comforting than the warm hearts of our lovely friends.ImageDes on Orange Floral Couch

ImageCasey through the window

ImageRyan sets up a light

ImageCasey battles the onset of hypothermiaImage


Road to the Bridal Show pt.1 • An iPhone’s Tale

For those of you who have ever built a booth for a tradeshow, I tip my hat to you.

As many may now know, Colagrossi Studio will be featured in the 2012 Fort Wayne Bridal Extravaganza on February 26th at the Grand Wayne Center!

We are so excited to be a part of this, but let me tell you, explaining the importance of a bridal show to a man is no easy task :). “Now Mitch, imagine if a vintage & obscure camera equipment show came to town…and the cameras were modeled by swimsuit models. SEE thats the same interest women have in weddings!” haha, either way once we youtubed a few of the past shows, we were both quickly on board. Research shows that a successful wedding photography booth is both creative and labor intensive SO we began our journey to Lowes to build ourselves some walls.

As you can see from my crude iPhone snapshots, Mitch’s sister Sarah and I happen to be pretty handy with a cordless drill and a screwdriver.

Fort Wayne Bridal Spectacular Colagrossi Studio Booth


Colagrossi Studio Fort Wayne Bridal Extravaganza 2012


Fort Wayne Bridal Extravaganza 2012

As you can see, we have a hefty amout of work to still do! Thank goodness for the next couple months!