Classic Vogue + fashion shoot

Although Mitch and I run a photography studio, creating images is never work. We pretty much spend our days off photographing too. Meet Lierin, one of Mitch’s sister’s best friends. We took advantage of her visit from California (and her beautiful face) for an experimental fashion shoot based from 1950’s Vogue editorials.

Mitch’s results are confidential until May (more details on his epic exhibition later), but these are a few of my grabs from the shoot!


senior photography, fashion

Fort Wayne Fashion Photography

Fort Wayne Fashion Photography


All images are copyright Colagrossi Studio 2011. Santa sees it when you steal! Its not worth the coal!


Santa visited Casa del Colagrossi + Good news for seniors in the Fort Wayne/South Bend area.

Before I start getting angry emails from those of you who don’t believe in Christmas until AFTER November (because I agree with you) let me explain. Santa looked an awful lot like the UPS man today because…

Colagrossi Studio is exceedingly happy to announce that we’ve added Senior Photography Collections to our normal menu of services! To celebrate, we are passing out $50 gift certificates toward any of our Senior photo services if you give us a call by May 1st! The Senior Collections start at $250, which is a complete experience, no sneakiness here! As always, you can expect the same hassle-free experience with the opportunity to print as you wish, send as you wish, and to Facebook tag us all you wish :). I guess Mitch and I decided it was silly to document only ONE of life’s most epic milestones.

If you have a Senior on your hands, or if you are one, head on over to  to view our complete portrait portfolio and to contact us!

So try your best to get your hands on one of these bad-boys, as we’ve ordered a gob ton. Don’t believe me?….

Senior Photography Special - Colagrossi Studio

All images are copyright Colagrossi Studio 2011! Stealing is naughty, Santa doesn’t like it.

Jordan’s Epic Photo Shoot (While Scaling Large Hills and Escaping Oncoming Trains)

This shoot was an epic one (as indicated in title). This is a tale of walking great lengths(somewhat), escaping the perils of said great lengths (like trains), and taking REALLY EPIC PHOTOS all the while. A story so epic is best told with epic photos (and the overuse of parenthesis). So let begin the journey of Jordan and… well some other stuff HI-YAHH

Hark, we almost got ran over here, well not really, but it’s cooler if we say we did

That’s me holding a light stand

Mucho thankso to Jordan for bringing the onslaught of epic-ness!