The Philmore on Broadway, go there.

Hello Friends!

Mitch and I are recovering from a night of monstering and mashing at the Philmore on Broadway today. As the name suggests, Philmore is a renovated theatre in the historic part of Broadway St. in Fort Wayne. In addition to beautiful weddings, the Philmore hosts amazing jazz nights and holiday parties that you can’t miss. And of course, Mitch and I couldn’t resist bringing a camera.

This night was also our lovely friend Carrie’s birthday. So to honor her, she gets the first photo. Epic costume.

The Wailhounds colagrossi studio

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Hey Y’all

We haven’t posted in a while so here’s a photo of a guy dressed up in traditional garb  at the Johnny Appleseed festival in FW.

Carry on Indiana, Carry on.

Kara, Anthony, and an acoustic guitar.

Mitch and I recently had the amazing opportunity to photograph engagements for Kara and Anthony. Its rare that Mitch and I meet a couple with so much history and fun in their relationship! Shooting around downtown Fort Wayne was a blast, thanks guys!

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