Allyson and Brent

Allyson and Brent aren’t getting married or anything, they’re not even dating for that matter. They’re just two very attractive people who we couldn’t resist but to ask them to photograph, thankfully for us,  they agreed. We wanted there to be somewhat of an awkward disconnect between the two of them as if they met in some sort of unfortunate circumstance, and each other’s company was forced upon them.

We’ve wanted to do a sort of editorial fashion shoot  for awhile now and Allyson and Brent lent themselves well to our vision. Thanks a ton to the both of them.



Monica and Joel tend to be in love.

And this is proof.

Mitch and I had a blast during our impromptu couple’s shoot with our good friends, Monica and Joel. Monica is the fabulous photographer at M/stop photography, check her out at

All images copyright Colagrossi Studio 2011.

Free at last… well for the time being

Oh man,  this was one long semester. 19 intense credit hours of unforgiving no-nonsense classes that have tried my intelligence, my skills as a photographer, and artist, I’d like to think that I’ve grown in each aforementioned area. School aside, the last six months have been some of the most life altering and a time of self realization.

Below are six images from my final project from one of the most difficult photo classes I’ve had in college.

These photographs are about the relation of person to hers/his habitat and personality and the reflection one plays upon the other.

I’m not a writer so I’ll let the images speak

Huge thanks to those who helped in the making of this


HEY MOM, I NO YOOD NORMALI BE mad at me fOR steppingg on hTHE COMPYOOTER BUT I WANTED TO TELL YOU that i luvved you and you’re the best

Thank you for lettimg me sleep on urr hed at night! and thank you for PAYING SOO MUCH uhtension to mee! constantlie

I WOODENT HAve grown to be tha person that I am today if it werent for yor ever abundant kair!!!

thank you for never Flushing the toilet when I”m Drinnking out of it, LIKE that other lunitik that livz with us!



Loooove ELOISE!!!!