Hotdogs and Handicaps

The other day while thrifting, we happened upon an old road bike and another bike from Deesh’s thoughtful gramps. Long story short we have bikes! Now that being outside doesn’t feel like a visit to Stalingrad, we took a bike trip to nearly 100 year old Coney Island to eat some hotdogs.
The result?

And in other news my little sister tore her ACL, being the ever charitable people we are, we carted my sis around and bought her a chocolate tart


My first adventure in videography

Hey everyone, this is my first attempt at video production, featuring my two favorite girls.

Our living room was flooded with lovely light and the star of this little film was doing some Sun bathing, so naturally I set my D300s to video, and started filming. The video is a bit shaky because I’m just hand holding the camera, but I’m really happy with how it turned out so far.

so without further ado, your feature presentation.

Starring: Eloise the Kitty,  Costarring: Destany the human girl  and Me on the Hitchcock cameo