Mod Closet Visit

Our path of great adventure brought us to Elkhart the past week. I work for my school newspaper and I wanted to do a story on some really interesting people. We were fortunate enough to be able to hang with one of Elkhart’s up and coming stars Ryan, one of the owners of Mod Closet. Mod Closet is a vintage clothing store and  the coolest thing happening in Elkhart.  Ryan and his girlfriend Doni are bringin a bit of culture to the E-town. Here’s some photos of the interview in the shop. I’ll put a link up to the actual story when it posts

This about sums up Ryan and what Mod Closet is all about.

Des hanging out in the Mod throne

Doni and Ryan are artists and make incredible sharpie marker art together under the Pseudonym, Dr Funlaw. Mod Closet was originally planned to be an art gallery.

They decided that a vintage boutique would better suit the community, not to mention Doni had and ever growing vintage clothing collection so it was an obvious choice.


Ryan took Des and I up into his and Doni’s  apartment. I must say I was blown away by how incredible the place is. These two are artist and amazing designers.

This is one of two of the couple’s cats: Sissy. Sissy is not a small cat but not as big as her cat brother, Bill.



Doni and Ryan are pouring there hearts into Mod Closet. It’s there creative love child, and a shot for the city of Elkhart to have something cool in it.





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