Fun In The Sun… Kind of

A bright, beautiful sun gets Des and I out of the winter doldrums and brings about thoughts of rainbows, unicorns and cool ways to back light stuff. This particular sun shining through our french door window was just what we needed to get some shots together we desperately needed.



Yeah we have a ton of vintage cameras.


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Mitch Ala Mode (and no I don’t mean ice cream)*

Recently, Mitch had to try his hand at a fashion shoot for an assignment. Being the lucky girl in proximity, I (along with his sister sarah) were asked to model. Being the failed hair dresser I am, Sarah and I decided to go with the Vogue afro look. Surprisingly this photographed really well. These are Mitch’s (unsurprisingly) wonderful fashion photos. Way to go, dear.

*Ala mode means in the fashion in French. Fyi.

Sarah Alicia + Fort Wayne Musician

Last night, Mitch and I had the pleasure of welcoming Sarah Alicia and her bandmates, Nate and Chris, to our home for some promo shots. Sarah is a singer/songwriter from the Cayman Islands who has made quite a name for herself in Fort Wayne. Her jazzy sound, mixed with a positive message is something we have desperately needed around here! The trio was a blast to shoot with, laughs all around. Special thanks to Dreamweaver Music for setting this up!

Check out Sarah Alicia and her band at, or “Like” her on Facebook!

All images copyright Colagrossi Studio 2011.

Mitch gets sick.

Well, its going around. Poor Mitch caught the flu (that I’m sure I will inherit soon) and has been laid up for the past few days. Photo opportunity? I think yes.


All images copyright Colagrossi Studio 2011

Mod Closet Visit

Our path of great adventure brought us to Elkhart the past week. I work for my school newspaper and I wanted to do a story on some really interesting people. We were fortunate enough to be able to hang with one of Elkhart’s up and coming stars Ryan, one of the owners of Mod Closet. Mod Closet is a vintage clothing store and  the coolest thing happening in Elkhart.  Ryan and his girlfriend Doni are bringin a bit of culture to the E-town. Here’s some photos of the interview in the shop. I’ll put a link up to the actual story when it posts

This about sums up Ryan and what Mod Closet is all about.

Des hanging out in the Mod throne

Doni and Ryan are artists and make incredible sharpie marker art together under the Pseudonym, Dr Funlaw. Mod Closet was originally planned to be an art gallery.

They decided that a vintage boutique would better suit the community, not to mention Doni had and ever growing vintage clothing collection so it was an obvious choice.


Ryan took Des and I up into his and Doni’s  apartment. I must say I was blown away by how incredible the place is. These two are artist and amazing designers.

This is one of two of the couple’s cats: Sissy. Sissy is not a small cat but not as big as her cat brother, Bill.



Doni and Ryan are pouring there hearts into Mod Closet. It’s there creative love child, and a shot for the city of Elkhart to have something cool in it.




Spring Break Antics • Notre Dame and Chicago

Life is good. Although Mitch’s spring break didn’t take us somewhere exotic, its amazing what fun there is locally if you only look hard enough. Good friends and proximity brought us to South Bend for the evening, which OF COURSE leads to an impromptu night shoot at Notre Dame.

I’ve never taken a train to Chicago, so Mitch and I packed up at the crack of dawn and headed to the Michigan City train station aaaaand…..Missed our train :(. Haha darn train stations are always so prompt. We got up and headed out the next morning to clear, sunny skies and warmish weather. SO much fun.

Art Institue of Chicago. Seeing famous art is like meeting a celebrity.



Awesome lunch at Bucca Di Beppo. So many decisions…

Lego store! Mitch and I as legos.

Chi-Town at night.

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Dawning of a New Logo

The snow is melting and the birdies are beginning to chirp, which means business is picking up! Instead of getting tans and sipping pina coladas for spring break, Mitch and I have been busy re-branding and finishing our website. Its times like this that Mitch and I appreciate our college education. Logos and websites take hours of second-guessing yourself, calling tech support, trying new things, scrapping exciting ideas, and lots of coffee. Thank goodness we have an excellent friend in Justin. Almost all of the technical stuff was orchestrated by him and we are sooooooo thankful! I am proud to announce that our new site is live!  <<<—for your viewing pleasure.

In the meantime, Mitch and I have been meeting with various artists around the Elkhart-Goshen area. Its amazing how you can find talented artists in almost every corner of the Universe. Stay tuned for some excellent work from our friends at the Mod Closet!


Des is a great cook

Life is good, its even better when you live with someone who really likes to cook and is good at it nonetheless.

Destany made us one incredible meal, the other night prepare to have your mind blown.

Oh yeah that is correct, she made sliders. Sorry White Castle, Destany just made your puny sliders look like sad attempts at cocktail weenies.

Not only did she make hamburgers mind you, but macaroni with cheese and, drumroll…….. CORRRRN BREAAAAAD

Man oh man my girl is a wonderful cook

Now  for your entertainment some photos of Des and Eloise looking cute!


You would think we’ve lived underground….

The sun came out today! This has been a terribly rare occasion since the beginning of winter. Mitch and I had one of those “holy crap! look at how pretty the light is!” moments, and this is the result.

All images copyright Colagrossi/Maddox Studio 2011. 🙂