Let me count the ways…

Now that I’m done jumping up and down and fainting from all the romance, I thought I would take the time to inform the world just how wonderful Meesh is. For those of you who cannot stand icky-gooey-gushy romantic things, I suggest you surf over to Ebaums world immediately. For the rest of the world, I give you the many things I love about my Meesh. (and pardon my lack of edits).

His intense photographer glare. I’ve seen a lot of intense photographer glares in my day, but Mitch takes the cake. I often imagine him using his lazer-vision to cut a whole in the warehouse I was being held hostage in so he could rescue me and save the day…..but I digress….

I never feel like I HAVE to be pretty. This is rare in men. Mitch has this uncanny ability to look at me when I’m at my smelliest and make me feel beautiful.

His smile :D.

We understand each other’s odd creative habits. When two art majors get together, it’s often a recipe for disaster. Somehow Mitch isn’t bothered when I stop listening to what he’s saying, and rudely interrupt by saying “DON’T MOVE. The window light is great right now! Let me get my camera….”

His relative sense of style. This is also rare in men.

His ability to be thoughtful and intelligent….

….and his ability to be a ham sandwich. I love all the goofy faces he makes, I can always tell whats on his mind.

He can NEVER stop singing.

He can be the biggest geek when he wants to be. This he hides well, but it pops out sometimes.

So there you have it. A whole post of information that no one cares about except for me. But isn’t that what  Valentine’s Day is all about? This is the closest I can come to shouting at the top of my lungs for the whole world to hear. I love you Michael Anthony. And Eloise loves you too.



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