Happy Valentines Day, Destany

It is with great misfortune and regret, that I will not be able to be with the girl that I care about most on Valentines Day. The one day that we should have together, is conflicted with a cocktail of  school, then off to work, then school again.  Des, you do WAY too much for me. Not only are you the best girlfriend a guy could ever hope for, you’re a friend and someone that I respect and admire immensely. We’ve done a lot of things, and made a lot of decisions together that are firsts for me, like moving in together and getting a cat 🙂 I’ve got to tell you doll, that I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. So here’s a tribute to you, and a few of the many photos of you and some of us since we’ve been together.

This is a photo from our first road trip, we went to Grand Rapids. I think this was the day that i really fell in love with her.


Downtown Fort Wayne.

A shot from Hyde Brothers Books, a great time indeed.

This is one of the first photos I took of Des in our apartment. I love window light… and the girl on the orange floral chair.

yep, these here are my favorite kind of days.

So here is a toast to my favorite person, the person who I constantly laugh with and the person that I always feel like being around, who is nice to me always, even  when I’m being a jerk.  To the person who would never give up on me, and likes to make food for me. To the person who finds the same ridiculous things  funny as I do and likes to go on hikes in the snow, and makes my photos better with her incredible eye for detail. The person that likes to make life as fun as it possibly can and likes me for who I am no matter what.  To the most incredible, intelligent and gorgeous girl I know.

I love you Destany, happy Valentines Day.

Oh and while I’m away at school there is something in the top drawer of the TV stand for you.




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