Overture in Snow

Up to this point, I’ve been negligent to contribute anything besides photos to this little blog. Mind you, Destany has made this fact ever-apparent to me :). So, ridden with guilt, on a lazy sunday morn I post my first blog.

Early one morning, Des and I were sliding along the slushy Fort Wayne roads coming back from a friend’s house. The light was lovely and the woods along the road were begging me to photograph them. I pulled into a church parking lot and we trudged through the snow. Here is the product of  our frozen trek.

Destany, looking super cute as always (I lucked out, she’s a good model too)

…and there I am with snow all around, this is what I thought it looked like in Alaska in winter, not Fort Wayne, Indiana

No matter the weather, or what we’re doing Des and I always have an incredible time.

copyright: Colagrossi/Maddox Studio 2011


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