As many other bloggers who start with a clever idea, and let their blog fizzle weeks later, our posting has been rather, well, absent this week. BUT this means good things for us busy photographers, as we’ve been swamped with assignments. Among these is the lovely couple (and close friends) Janna and Patrick. Mitch and I took them around the hidden gems of Fort Wayne for their engagement shoot. The shots turned out lovely.



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Elkhart+snow hiking

Elkhart, Indiana: Recreational vehicle capital of the world, highest unemployment rate in the continental U.S.  and it is also my (Mitch) birthplace and where I was raised. Elkhart is also where my family still resides and probably always will. Since the snow was melting and the bitter cold was becoming a bit more tolerable, Des and I thought it an opportune time to visit my fam and take my little sister on a snow hiking trip.

We finally arrived at my family’s house. This is my mom and my brother Owen, we kinda look alike.

my sister and I beginning our trek

All images are copyright of Colagrossi/Maddox Studios 2011



Let me count the ways…

Now that I’m done jumping up and down and fainting from all the romance, I thought I would take the time to inform the world just how wonderful Meesh is. For those of you who cannot stand icky-gooey-gushy romantic things, I suggest you surf over to Ebaums world immediately. For the rest of the world, I give you the many things I love about my Meesh. (and pardon my lack of edits).

His intense photographer glare. I’ve seen a lot of intense photographer glares in my day, but Mitch takes the cake. I often imagine him using his lazer-vision to cut a whole in the warehouse I was being held hostage in so he could rescue me and save the day…..but I digress….

I never feel like I HAVE to be pretty. This is rare in men. Mitch has this uncanny ability to look at me when I’m at my smelliest and make me feel beautiful.

His smile :D.

We understand each other’s odd creative habits. When two art majors get together, it’s often a recipe for disaster. Somehow Mitch isn’t bothered when I stop listening to what he’s saying, and rudely interrupt by saying “DON’T MOVE. The window light is great right now! Let me get my camera….”

His relative sense of style. This is also rare in men.

His ability to be thoughtful and intelligent….

….and his ability to be a ham sandwich. I love all the goofy faces he makes, I can always tell whats on his mind.

He can NEVER stop singing.

He can be the biggest geek when he wants to be. This he hides well, but it pops out sometimes.

So there you have it. A whole post of information that no one cares about except for me. But isn’t that what  Valentine’s Day is all about? This is the closest I can come to shouting at the top of my lungs for the whole world to hear. I love you Michael Anthony. And Eloise loves you too.


Happy Valentines Day, Destany

It is with great misfortune and regret, that I will not be able to be with the girl that I care about most on Valentines Day. The one day that we should have together, is conflicted with a cocktail of  school, then off to work, then school again.  Des, you do WAY too much for me. Not only are you the best girlfriend a guy could ever hope for, you’re a friend and someone that I respect and admire immensely. We’ve done a lot of things, and made a lot of decisions together that are firsts for me, like moving in together and getting a cat 🙂 I’ve got to tell you doll, that I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. So here’s a tribute to you, and a few of the many photos of you and some of us since we’ve been together.

This is a photo from our first road trip, we went to Grand Rapids. I think this was the day that i really fell in love with her.


Downtown Fort Wayne.

A shot from Hyde Brothers Books, a great time indeed.

This is one of the first photos I took of Des in our apartment. I love window light… and the girl on the orange floral chair.

yep, these here are my favorite kind of days.

So here is a toast to my favorite person, the person who I constantly laugh with and the person that I always feel like being around, who is nice to me always, even  when I’m being a jerk.  To the person who would never give up on me, and likes to make food for me. To the person who finds the same ridiculous things  funny as I do and likes to go on hikes in the snow, and makes my photos better with her incredible eye for detail. The person that likes to make life as fun as it possibly can and likes me for who I am no matter what.  To the most incredible, intelligent and gorgeous girl I know.

I love you Destany, happy Valentines Day.

Oh and while I’m away at school there is something in the top drawer of the TV stand for you.



Really Tired on the Really Orange Couch

Des and I are tired, really tired. It’s been a long day, nay a long week and we’ve been slacking a bit on posting recently. Tonight as tired as we are, still deem necessary to go take some shots of us being tired on the orange floral couch.

Now that we are tired and it’s our human bedtime, it is Eloise the cat’s be awake and play time.

It is now time for me to bid you all a good night, for we shall be sleeping, well ‘cept Eloise. But goodnight to all, to my cat, to my girl and to my orange floral couch.


Mac Love

Photography is the ability to harness and capture light. This is easy to forget in our beautifully overcast  winter. Mitch and I decided to mix up the lighting a bit, and experiment using “found lighting.” Two Macs should do just fine :).

Overture in Snow

Up to this point, I’ve been negligent to contribute anything besides photos to this little blog. Mind you, Destany has made this fact ever-apparent to me :). So, ridden with guilt, on a lazy sunday morn I post my first blog.

Early one morning, Des and I were sliding along the slushy Fort Wayne roads coming back from a friend’s house. The light was lovely and the woods along the road were begging me to photograph them. I pulled into a church parking lot and we trudged through the snow. Here is the product of  our frozen trek.

Destany, looking super cute as always (I lucked out, she’s a good model too)

…and there I am with snow all around, this is what I thought it looked like in Alaska in winter, not Fort Wayne, Indiana

No matter the weather, or what we’re doing Des and I always have an incredible time.

copyright: Colagrossi/Maddox Studio 2011

A Tribute to Eloise

Not long ago, we set out to adopt a cat. Even though we both consider ourselves dog people, we thought it would be very novel to have an animal that we loved but was annoyed by us. And then we found Eloise. Our can’t-balance-falls-off-of-everything-meows-constantly-can’t-stop-loving-and-cuddling-comes-to-her-name catdog. Yes, we finally found a cat that seems to love us. And we love her back.

All images are copyright Colagrossi/Maddox Studio 2011.

Snowpocalypse Part Deux

As you may have learned, Mitch and I are not ones to sit at home and ride out the blizzard in front of the fireplace (even though I wish we had a fireplace). Oh no, instead we went on an epic quest for a snickers bar.

Given the fact that both of our cars were snowed in up to their axels, we decided to trek out on foot.

No one was allowed to drive. Its an oddly freeing feeling to be able to walk in the middle of the street.

Along the way, Mitch and I got a hankerin’ for some coffee to warm up. So we made our way to our trusty always-0pen Starbucks…and found this.

So we continued our Snickers quest, which led us to a quick-e mart that was blasting 70’s music. Inside we met these lovely fellows who asked us to remind the world they were the only place open downtown. The music was actually a lovely respite from the otherwise ghost town feel of downtown Ft. Wayne.

Upon arrival back at home, we shoveled out our cars. Which were buried. Then Mitch realized he had online homework, and then proceeded to freak out.

All images are copyright Colagrossi/Maddox studio 2011.